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D-Con: Bringing Smart Technology to Your Home

D-Con is a brand dedicated to creating innovative home appliances that seamlessly integrate with your life. They focus on a range of products designed to elevate your home environment, offering cutting-edge features and user-friendly functionality.

Here's a breakdown of their product categories:

  • D-Con LED Smart TVs & 4K Smart TVs: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with D-Con's Smart TVs. Choose from LED or 4K resolution for incredible picture clarity, and enjoy the ease of a smart platform for streaming your favorite content.

  • D-Con Vacuums: Keep your home spotless with D-Con's innovative vacuums. Whether you need a powerful upright for carpets or a convenient cordless model for everyday messes, D-Con has a solution to fit your needs.

  • D-Con Refrigerators: Store your food with confidence using D-Con's refrigerators. They offer a variety of models, including deep fridges, to perfectly match your storage requirements. D-Con refrigerators are designed to keep your food fresh and cool with efficient operation.

  • D-Con Deep Fridges: For those who require extra storage space, D-Con's deep fridges provide the perfect solution. Ideal for large families or those who like to stock up on groceries, deep fridges offer ample capacity without sacrificing functionality.

  • D-Con Induction Cooktops: Experience the future of cooking with D-Con's induction cooktops. Induction technology offers precise heating and lightning-fast responsiveness, making it a joy to cook with. D-Con cooktops are also known for their sleek design and easy cleaning.

D-Con believes that your home should be a haven of comfort and convenience. Their appliances are meticulously designed to enhance your everyday life, offering a perfect blend of innovation and user-friendliness.

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  1. D-Con 32inch Led TV 32FLN-MET-HS-Q6

    Special Price NPR 15,200.00 was NPR 19,000.00
  2. D-Con 32inch Android smart TV 32FLS-MET-P90-8

    Special Price NPR 17,200.00 was NPR 21,500.00
  3. D-Con 32inch Smart Led TV 32FLN-MET-HS-Q6-smart

    Special Price NPR 16,800.00 was NPR 21,000.00
  4. D-Con 24" LED TV

    Special Price NPR 12,400.00 was NPR 15,500.00
  5. D-Con 2000 watt Vacuum Cleaner AC-1108

    Special Price NPR 9,120.00 was NPR 11,400.00
  6. D-Con 2000 watt Vacuum Cleaner AC-1108G

    Special Price NPR 9,120.00 was NPR 11,400.00

12 Items

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